Applied Scientist, Amazon
Seattle, WA, Aug. 2019 – present
Graph neural networks for large-scale data mining and anomaly detection

Software Engineering Intern, Google
Mountain View, CA, Aug. 2018 – Nov. 2018
Face recognition and unlock system on mobile devices

Research Intern, Baidu USA
Sunnyvale, CA, May 2018 – Aug. 2018
Hand gesture detection and tracking on smart home IoT devices

Research Intern, IBM Research
Austin, TX, May 2017 – Aug. 2017
Text to image synthesis with generative adversarial networks

Graduate Research Assistant, Rice University
Houston, TX, Aug. 2013 – May 2019
Research: Parallel and distributed signal processing for 5G wireless communication systems
Courses: Stochastic Process, Convex Optimization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Structure and Algorithms, VLSI Design, Computer Architecture, Compiler, Operating Systems, Computer Network, Distributed Systems, Database

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